Founded by telecommunications testing expertise. 


From Silicon Valley to Tokyo, we create lower cost Network Traffic Capture & Replay,  Packets Search, and Voice Quality test solutions based on commercial off-the-shelf technology. We "glean" information from our customers and vendors, conduct detailed analysis, and identify optimal, low-cost solutions. 



World Wide Technology (U.S) , NTT DoCoMo, NTT Communications, DoCoMo Technology, NEC, Fujitsu, NEC Network & System Integration, NS Solutions, Nihon IBM, Napatech, Cobham, NEC Management Partner, NTT Advanced Technology, NTTPC Communications, NTT Software, Fusion Communications, NetOne Systems, NextGen, Rakuten, DeNA, JDSU T&M, Meritech, Tsuzuki Denki, Nihon Cornet, Bitrieve, BT Japan, IPNetFusion, MTI


Kenichi Eguchi
Founder, CEO

Kenichi Eguchi has over 25 years of management and operations experience in the telecommunications industry. As Representative Director of the former Catapult Communications Corporation’s Japan division, he created a world-class sales and support organization that ultimately provided over 50% of the corporation’s total revenues. He also served as Sales Manager at Tekelec (Oracle), Director of Strategic Business Development at Catapult's U.S. headquarters. (IXIA) He founded Glean Corporation in Silicon Valley, California in April 2010.

Hirashi Otsuji

Hisashi Otsuji was a founder of Artiza Networks Inc., a company listed with TSE Mothers. Under his leadership, Artiza Networks became Japan's premier manufacturer of telecommunications measurement devices. He was a member of VoIP Promotion Association, NGN Promotion Forum, and WiMAX Forum.