Packet Capture


2x10G Affordable 100% Packet Capture

FMADIO Full Packet capture system is designed using custom highly optimized hardware and Software to achieve extreme maximum performance at affordable prices.

Simple to use easy to setup, fully toolers design simplifies installation and maintenance. Featuring an advanced Web GUI, packet filtering, packet slicing, fully RAID6 +1 Standby redundancy (*FMADIO FULL 3U model or higher model) creates the perfect affordable capture system for Cyber Security monitoring.

Storage is scalable from 32TB up to 320TB with a hot swappable 32 x 3.5"drive bay chassis. (*FMADIO FUll 3U model or higher model)

Multi-PetaByte Network Data Set Handling   QP Series


The QP Series is a versatile carrier grade storage based packet capture appliance with a high performance to price ratio has the capabilities widely used in the network industry.  

The QP can achieve high throughput and IOPS performance reliably and is suitable heavy applications. The software is lightweight with minimal middleware or software that can hamper performance.

Networked storage such as NAS and SAN is embodied in the QP. Multiple clients can remotely retrieve, storage and run applications that utilized the information in the QP.


Network Emulator & Load Generator

The Valid8 4G Network Emulator provides an all-in-one, cost-effective and ultra-portable-4G network for demonstration, testing and training purposes. These are options available to include a real eNodeB if you need to use real UEs, with traffic generation, or our simulated eNodeB if you don't need the RF interface. 

  • Conformance tests available for each interface (S1, S5, S6a, S7, S11, Rx, Gx, Gy, Ro)
  • Emulators available per subsystem (MME Emulator, PCRF Emulator, etc)
  • Signaling request/response messages for call handling, mobility management, authentication, QoS.
  • Generate valid and invalid/negative messages and call-scenarios (fully editable scenarios)
  • Supports sending invalid messages including malformed, dropped, and misordered packets

The Valid 8 Fixed Network Tester provides an all-in-one, cost-effective and scalable test system for comprehensive testing for converged IP telephony networks It tests scalability, performance, interoperability, and call quality in IP telephone networks and IMS. Voice Quality Measurements utilizing real voice streams can also be analyzed using standards such as PESQ.

  • Diameter Server Under Test
    • For testing Diameter servers including PCRF, HSS, NASREQ, and others, the Diameter Load Tester is a scalable solution that can originate traffic towards the node according to a specific interface type (e.g. Gx, Gy, Cx/Dx, Sh, S6a)
  • SIP Server Under Test
    • The Valid8 SIP Load Tester allows you to test Endpoints PBXs, Gateways, and test load and feature interaction for audio and video.  It enables continuous route testing through the network to report quality find issues.